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talk/tank - See the Wood for the Trees again! | lead/culture - Distinctive Leadership
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Strategist, Synergist, Spark.
Cha[lle]nging Your Game.
> Den Wald vor lauter Bäumen sehen.

Where all think alike, no one thinks very much.

talk/tank lets you see the wood for the trees again.
talk/tank CHA[LLE]NGEs, CO-CREATEs, and/or CRAFTs YOUR GAME via some drop-dead simple ad hoc solutions.

Ich bin erst zufrieden, wenn ich begeistert bin.


You have experienced this moment again and again: everybody delivers all the wrong answers, as nobody asks the right questions:

What Difference Do You Make? / What
keeps You from Making a Difference?


To add value to the corporation you will have to create
true solutions, virtues, and values for the individual again.

(The corporate minds must finally outgrow themselves
and courageously live entrepreneurial independence,
brilliance, and relevance. - A paradigm shift is overdue.)

Albert Einstein

You need answers, no hogwash. You need to see the
wood for the trees again. You need a new perspective.
You need drop-dead simple and distinctive solutions.

Sometimes Innovation just means
doing stuff right for the 1st time.


We just add an hour or two of mental wealth to your
thinking - over lunch or dinner, or a walk in the park ...
We talk. We discuss. We might even argue a little bit.

It’s the Human Friction that Makes the Sparks.
Jonah Lehrer

We add a Beginner's Mind - and crystal clear thinking.
We add perspective, pattern recognition, philosophy.
We avoid the shallows of daily business. We reframe.
We find answers, identify quick wins, solve problems.

And you will get drop-dead simple and distinctive solutions.

Fast is fine, but Accuracy is everything.
Wyatt Earp

Via Distinctive Leadership you grow more ...
efficient, productive, individual, intuitive, empathic, effective,
creative, innovative, visionary, happy, inspiring, engaging,
relevant, distinctive, valuable, ... sustainably successful.

Your Investment?

Your investment will be a fair share of your success
- a 2hrs talk/tank session starts at 2.500 Euro.

All investments plus expenses and VAT. Thank you.

My 30+ years of experience blend a profound strategic business planning and leadership competence (managing director for almost 10 years) with relevant brand and marketing expertise.

Wir sollten reden.
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